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In November 2021, my husband and I purchased our current home on two acres in the city of Appleton. The following summer we made a big dream of mine come true and we started a flower farm called The Ever Lea!

I was a small time backyard gardener for several years, but now I got the chance to expand. Local flowers are fresher, more vivacious, healthy and environmentally savvy.

It is a great pride & joy for me to grow flowers for the weddings I design and share them with everyone. Our flower farm will continue to play a key role in not only the floral supply chain to Evoke Chancy wedding designs, but also the opportunity for couples to peer into the world of beautiful, vibrant, local floral as a part of their wedding celebrations.

Although I will certainly grow classic colors and blooms, you will see Evoke Chancy designs truly start to embrace what can be grown right here in Wisconsin.

I will guide couples on our seasonal offerings and how we can still accomplish lush, chic, modern, elevated, boho, name it. I cannot wait to show you everything a homegrown flower or greenery can do!

We invite you to follow our journey & services!


Shanna & Jake Edwards

The Ever Lea


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