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Blu Moose Photography

Blu Moose Photography

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My mission statement

When I started this business in 2015 I was fresh off of planning and having my own wedding. I remember as a young girl I would talk about owning a "wedding super store", but I don't think when you are young you ever really make a connection it could actually happen someday. And while this isn't a super store,  it is a business I never knew I could build into my everyday reality.

I had always been artistic growing up and tinkered with floral as young as 10 years old. My mother sold Home Interiors in the 80's. Anyone remember that home decor business?! Looking back I think she was always a major influence on my ability to take various textures, colors and styles and somehow put them together into something beautiful...something tangible. I watched her do it so many times in our childhood home decor.

Fast forward a few decades and we've come to this place you now see before you. I am amazed at how much I grow each year, the truly wonderful couples I get to meet, and the magical moments when it all becomes a reality. It never gets old to me! I get so excited because I genuinely believe flowers have a language all their own and they can speak for you on your wedding day!

It's my job to listen to you. To exchange ideas and understand the connection you want the floral to communicate about you as a couple. Then take Mother Nature and the gorgeous, pretty little things she gives to us so graciously, and let your story shine through blooms, colors, foliage, texture and style.

It is most exciting once I get to see those blooms and allow my hands to do the work. It's definitely my happy place.


So let's create an IMPACT together! One that says this is who we are on this most special of all days. EVOKE a reaction, a response...add to the emotions and happiness through the floral designs of your wedding day. My style is reliably unexpected. The compliment I hear most from couples is the designs were "more than they expected". I aim to take your personal vision and story and give you more than you EVER expected!

Please take a moment to get to know my team & I'll look very much forward to being your wedding day floral & event design expert!


Shanna M Edwards

Twig & Olive Photography
Twig & Olive Photography
Twig & Olive Photography

Meet the Team



Owner & Creative Director

Hello & Welcome to my business! I am so happy you have found your way here! As your lead creative force, I look forward to designing floral to evoke a connection in you and to help show who you are as a couple for the most important day in your lives!

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Events Sidekick

I hope you get to know and appreciate Sarah as much as I do! She is my go-to gal so it's very likely you'll see her shining face working alongside me at your event! She also, happens to be a very talented harpist!

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Supervisor & Social Influencer

This is my maine coon mix cat and general overall pushy ruler of the world. He's persistent & super judgy. His mission is to remind me to work hard to feed him. He's a svelte 16 pounds. YOLO

Our Vision

Twig & Olive Photography

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